Precast Concrete Buildings

Building Types

Alberta Precast offers a variety of precast concrete buildings for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential uses.




Precast concrete buildings are great for use in the industrial sector. Our load bearing insulated panels, coupled with a structural column and beam setup, will support any size and type of roof design. The high durability and great thermal mass of concrete will transfer through to savings on maintenance and heating costs over the long life of the building





Be it a single business building, a multi shop strip mall or a low-rise office building. Alberta precast products can produce the building you need. Insurance rates during construction and operation are significantly lower than traditional building types, due to the reduced risk of deterioration, maintenance costs, and increased safety against destruction.



Precast concrete buildings are exceptionally well suited for use in the agricultural industry, as they are resilient to many of the factors that cause regular construction materials to deteriorate. Including but not limited to; damage due moisture like rust, rot and mould, chemical exposure and high traffic wear. Concrete can be easily painted making clean up after livestock easy.





Precast concrete is a significantly more versatile material in comparison to wood construction. Precast concrete can be used in the construction of various styles of homes in a wide range of sizes.The exterior of the panels can be finished in an assortment of styles, from smooth to the appearance of siding or brick. In addition to the finish,

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Precast concrete buildings have some major advantages over traditional building materials. Some of the advantages of precast concrete as a building material are;

  •    Environmentally Friendly
  •    Durable
  •    Cost Effective
  •    Sound Reducing
  •    Fireproof
  •    Waterproof
  •    Load Bearing
  •    Customizable
  •    Portable

These advantages are the reason precast concrete buildings are quickly becoming an exceedingly popular choice for Albertans. The advancement of technology in precast concrete has reduced the costs and duration normally associated with construction projects. Our products have been rigorously tested in the most difficult conditions and have shown to be durable and cost-effective. Generally, there are lower insurance rates during construction and operation — in comparison to wood or steel buildings, which are also more likely to deteriorate. In addition to aiding in meeting all of the building owner’s goals, Alberta Precast’s concrete systems provide distinct advantages to architects, engineers and contractors that can make the engineering, design and construction processes run more seamlessly. 

Our Work Facility

Alberta Precast has an 85,000 sq. ft. building, housing a state of the art automated batch plant in Spruce Grove, Alberta (greater Edmonton region).


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