Alberta Precast Concrete

Everything Customized to YOU

We can customize almost any building project to your exact specifications engineer it, produce it and finally install it. Providing a full seamless solution for your next project.


Our team of experienced and professional engineers can design and plan the project exactly how you would like it to be.


Our 85,000 square foot facility allows us to customize the production of components for your project. 


Finally we will install the different components based on the engineered drawings and leave you with a seamless product we know you will love.

Our Products

Our products undergo the highest standards for quality assurance so that you can be sure your project is completed with the best materials. We also provide a high degree of customization options to meet the specifications of almost any design. Check out our products page to see our catalogue of items.

Building & Design Solutions For Anywhere.

Commercial Buildings

Insurance rates during construction and operation are significantly lower than traditional building types

Industrial Buildings

 Our load bearing insulated panels, coupled with a structural column and beam setup, will support any size and type of roof design

Residential Buildings

Precast concrete can be used in the construction of various styles of homes in a wide range of sizes

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